Ulrich Hinsberger

Ulrich Hinsberger,

born 1967 in Illingen/ Saar, received his training as a violin maker between1986 and 1990 at the” Staatlichen Berufsfachschule für Geigenbau in Mittenwald,” graduating with merit.

Consecutive years as a jouneyman took him to Munich and Tübingen. He was involved mostly in the repair and service of stringed instruments, before earning his masters degree in Nürnberg in 1993.

In 1994 he founded his own workshop together with his wife Dagmar in Winterreute.

In 1997 the workshop relocated to Biberach / Ringschnait in Oberschwaben. Ever since, Ulrich has successfully worked on the construction of the highest quality stringed instruments, proven by the numerous awards in international violin making competitions.

Dagmar Hinsberger

Dagmar Hinsberger,

born in 1969 in Aulendorf, received her training as a violin maker between 1987 and 1991at the “Staatlichen Berufsfachschule für Geigenbau in Mittenwald”. From 1991 until1993, she was an assistant to Martin Koch-Löbner in Tübingen.

As of 1994, she has collaborated with her husband Ulrich Hinsberger in Ringschnait.

Heidrun Fest

Heidrun Fest,

born 1966 in Hindelang received her training as a violinmaker between 1991 and 1995 at the “ Civica Scuola di Milano “ in Italy. Following this she worked in workshops in Cremona/ Italy and in Füssen.

Since 1999 she has been employed in the shop of Ulrich Hinsberger, covering the entire range of duties.