Workshop 01


In our workshop high quality violins, violas and violoncelli are made after traditional italian models. Besides that we offer the complete service concerning stringed instruments: tone adjustment, repair, maintenance.

Our highest priority lies in customer satisfaction, down to the smallest concern.

Tonewood 01


The principal capital of every violion maker is their tonewood. In our workshop we use, for the most part, maple from Bosnia and spruce from the alpine forests of northern Italy.

Even the masters, Stradivari, Gaurneri and others, preferred to use tonewood from these regions because of its outstanding tonal qualities and spectacular appearance.

Furthermore we have an impressive supply of personally cut "moonwood". The felling of the tree is coordinated with the phases of the moon and precisely calculated down to the hour of harvest. The sap and moisture are then at the lowest levels and the wood, when dried, is very light resulting in excellent oscillation characteristics.

Construction 01

Construction of an Instrument

Making a violin is one of the last "true" handcrafts. Every part is created by hand. This is the only way to explore each individual piece of wood and give it the proper thickness based on its particular growth characteristics.

Varnish 01


We use complicated processes to "cook" our own varnish from resin and oil along with pigments for colour.
Varnish is crucial for the overall appearance of the instrument and its production requires great experience. The varnish can be neither brittle nor oily and must not negatively influence the instruments acoustics.

Business 01


In our business you will find, besides our own production of instruments, the entire range : Instruments for professionals and students, rental instruments, bows, cases,and a wide range of strings and accessories.

In collaboration with Master-Bowmaker Steffen Kuhnla of Bad Brambach we offer our customers first class bow-rehair- as well as bow- repair service.