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Violine Guarneri 01

Model Guarneri

Copy after Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1698-1744 Cremona:
“il cannone” 1743.

The violin virtuoso Nicolo Pganini 1782-1840 played this violin and named it, according to it´s sound properties “The Cannon”. The instruments of del Gesù are famed for their extraordinary powerful sound and they are, amongst the Stradivari-violins , the most sought after soloist instruments.
The 2nd instrument is played by Friedemann Breuninger, concertmaster of the symphony orchestra Granada, Spain.

This copy by Ulrich Hinsberger not only reflects the appearance, but even copys the construction detail. It was surprising to observe that the extreme plate-thickness did not interfere with the playability.

Violine Guarneri 06